Voice123 SmartCast Invitation Process

How it works:

Once a SmartCast project is posted on Voice123, a matching and invitation process begins. This process takes many factors into account to determine which talents get invited to each project and when the system issues the invitation.  

SmartCast starts by filtering profiles through basic parameters like age, gender, language, accent and location of voice talents to match the project requirements. Then, it matches keywords with your "Voice Details" section. Once this step is complete, SmartCast starts considering other factors to determine the order that invitations are sent out in.  Some of these factors include: the voice seeker’s preferred voices and similar profiles, auditioning stats, ranking score and whether Talents have uploaded good quality demos in the project category of the project.

We send out invitations to audition in rounds. The number of auditions requested by the voice seeker and the project’s deadline determine the amount of invites that are sent in each group and the speed in which they are sent out. Some talents may get invited in the first round while others are invited later on depending on the profile rankings and how long the talent has been with Voice123. We send out invitations until the amount of auditions requested by the voice seeker is reached or until the project gets closed or until the project reaches its deadline. We developed SmartCast as a way to ensure that auditions don't turn into cattle-calls and to fairly distribute opportunities among all of our Premium Subscribers

What you can do to get the auditions you want:

  • Your Profile

Fill out your profile completely and professionally. Include high quality demos and avoid leaving blank sections.

  • Your Demos

Add a demo for every age, language, additional service and category that you have selected on your “Voice Details” section. 

  • Your Auditions

Review your audio quality to be sure that your voice is being showcased in the best way possible.  Be especially mindful of background noise, ambient noise, mouth clicks and plosives.

  • Your budget preferences

Filter out invitations that don't meet your budget requirements to ensure that SmartCast only invites you to the type of projects you like.

  • Your Auditioning Stats

Keep an eye on your auditioning stats to make sure you're not over-auditioning. If you over-audition, SmartCast will send you fewer invitations so we can fairly distribute projects between Premium subscribers. You can view this number on your "My Stats" page.

  • Audition Selectively

Only audition for projects for which you are a perfect fit, and whose type you'd like to see again in the future. You can also use the "Click Here to Learn More about This Seeker" option at the bottom of all project forms to see how many projects the Voice Seeker has created with us, and how many auditions that the Voice Seeker has opened.  Seekers who open all or most of submitted auditions are more likely to use the Ranking System. 


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