What is SmartCast? (for voice actors)

SmartCast is an algorithm designed to connect buyers to the best voice over talents. After a buyer posts a project, SmartCast finds the best talents using several factors and systematically invites them to submit auditions until the project's quota or deadline is met.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The buyer posts a project.

  2. SmartCast automatically analyzes all registered premium voice actors and selects those that best match the buyer's requirements (based on the information in your profile and other factors listed below.) Those who match best are invited first. SmartCast will continually invite talents to audition based on how well they match the buyer's needs. Invites will continue to be sent until the project reaches its desired amount of auditions.

  3. The buyer receives the auditions and hires the best talent for the job directly. (For this reason, you should always include your personal contact information in your proposals).


SmartCast® factors

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