Hazard County Tire & Performance

Hazard County Tire & Performance


(Screeching tire sfx)

That's the sound of another satisfied customer leaving Hazard County Tire and Performance!

If your custom ride, street rod or daily driver needs to replace those old worn tires before this happens to you... (blown tire sfx) then clean yourself up and come on down to Hazard County where we have all the top tire brands like Copper, Avon and Mickey Thompson!

With one hour installation it's like having your own NASCAR pit crew, we get you out the door and back on the street fast!

(Pit crew sfx)

What's that? You have some extra cash you need to use up before the old lady get into it...then how about and new set of Custom Chrome Wheels to have some bling (diamond "ding" sfx) to go with your new tires! Hazard County Tire and Performance has the coolest rims from Diablo, American Racing and Boss!

So put down that wrench and race over to Hazard County today! Hazard County the Good o'l Boys of Tire and Performance!

(Fast announcer voice: Hazard County is not responsible for angry wives, girlfriends or mothers.)


By: Fredy Riehl

Freelance Script Writer





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