Friends of Pets: "Lovers" Radio PSA :30

Friends of Pets: "Lovers" Radio PSA :30


SFX: Night time (crickets)

V1: You are about to listen in on a wild, passionate love scene between two heated lovers. They met just moments ago, strangers in the dark, yet they couldn't resist. Instincts have taken over and now each is a slave to the other's intoxicating scent...


SFX: Cats Screaming

V1: Please - spay or neuter your cats. You'll be doing them a favor.


SFX: Cat Scream


V1: Believe me!


ACR (V2): For more information on how spaying or neutering your cats can help your pets lead happier, healthier lives, call your veterinarian or Friends of Pets at 561-3677.


By: Katie Hickey

Writer & Producer




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