Beaver Meadow Golf Course


Beaver Meadow Golf Course


(Light breeze/Golf swing/Ball hits bottom of cup sfx) (Deep cleansing inhale/exhale)


Guy: You know, it just doesn’t get ANY better than this... the fresh, crisp fall air... breathtaking foliage everywhere you look... NO crowds... and the BEST Greens in New Hampshire! Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to take off a few strokes, or, perhaps relatively new to the sport... now’s the perfect time to pick up tips and work on your game at Beaver Meadow Golf Course! Beaver Meadow proudly boasts the richest tradition of any golf course in the entire state. Visit us on the web at and discover how we can effectively help improve your play through affordable private, or, group lessons at Beaver Meadow.

(“FORE!” and distant swing sfx in background)

Also, be sure to take advantage of currently posted specials... including our everyday package of 18 Holes WITH cart for just $49 per person… AND, our “All You Can Play” special after 3pm for only $29!

(“Playin’ thru..” in background)

So, give yourself the edge and swing away (swing sfx) on the Best Greens New Hampshire has to offer at Beaver Meadow Golf Course! For info, call 228-89-54. Or, visit today!

Beaver Meadow – A GREAT Course at a GREAT Price! (Ball hits bottom of cup)


By: Shawn Kohn

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