Winter Wipers: RADIO :60

 Winter Wipers: RADIO :60


SFX: Wind

Well, I hate to break it to you , but the following sound may soon become all too familiar...

SFX: Scraping ice of windshield

...Scraping your windshield. Do you scrape your wipers, too? Or just...

SFX: Knocking ice of wipers

...whack ‘em to death?

You know between ice, sleet and humans, you wipers take a lot of abuse in the winter!

The answer? Install a new pair of WINTER wipers. They’re 10 percent off, now through October 15th at ________.

These special wipers feature graphite-coated rubber for a smooth, frictionless performance. And the FRAME is made of a durable polymer, aerodynamically designed to prevent ice from dragging across you windshield.

In fact, the whole mechanism is encased in a protective covering to prevent ice from forming in the first place.

...All this technical talk means that with winter wipers from ______, you’ll enjoy clear vision and a lot less wiper whacking!

We’ll even install them for free. So stop by ______ today, save 10 percent, and see what you’ve been missing - literally.

__________, located at ____________.


By: Katie Hickey

Writer & Producer




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