How to share your audition inbox with clients

Sharing is Caring. 

Work in a private way and share the auditions with the right people: clients, colleagues or whoever you prefer. You can choose what information to show without sharing your Voice123 password with them! Voice123 helps you to do more.

Sharing is good, and we are taking this feature to the next level. If you've ever wanted to share the auditions you receive without sharing your Voice123 login info, we have an answer: The shareable link.


  1.  First, you will have to log in into your Voice123 account.
  2.  Once you are in, click on " My Projects and Audition" tab on your blue dashboard.
  3.  Select the project you will like to share your audition inbox, then click on the "Project Action" blue box, on the top right hand corner of your screen.
  4. Then just click on the "Share this inbox" option. 

Feel free to fill out all of the settings provided as you like. Once you fill out all of your preferences, you can copy the link on the dashed rectangle and share it with your collaborators.

You can also click on the orange button that says “Click here to preview this link in a new window”, so you are able to preview the link you are about to share.


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