Voice123 SmartCast Factors in Detail

SmartCast is a patented system designed to help connect buyers with the best voice over talent for their projects. After a buyer posts a project, Voice123's SmartCast finds the best talents using several factors and systematically invites them to submit auditions until their quota or deadline is met.

These are the factors that Voice123's SmartCast takes into account:

  • Language(s) of the project. Voice123's SmartCast will only consider voice over talents that speak ALL of the languages required for the project, fluently. If a buyer is looking for a variety of voices for different roles or languages, we suggest creating one project for each role or language. If the buyer is looking for one voice that fluently speaks one or more language(s), we recommend posting only one project.
  • Gender. If the buyer wants a male or female voice, Voice123's SmartCast will keep said requirement in mind when selecting potential applicants for the project.
  • Desired "voice age". Our talents can deliver a range of voices from child to senior. Voice123's SmartCast will consider inviting all talents and voice producers that match at least one of the "voice ages" listed in the project.
  • Purpose of the recording. Voice123's SmartCast takes into account several areas of expertise, from promos to documentaries to messaging systems. Voice123's SmartCast will only consider inviting talents and voice producers that offer recordings in the same category as the project posted. 
  • Desired recording and delivery method of the recording. Voice123's SmartCast will only consider inviting talents or voice producers that offer recording and delivering the audio in the required format requested by the buyer : Sent via email, ready for download, sent by CD, etc.
  • Union Affiliations. If the project is for a signatory client (a company that has an agreement with unions to hire union voice over talents), Voice123's SmartCast will only invite talents that match at least one of the union affiliations required by the project.
  • Timing of the project. Some of the best talents and voice producers are immediately available to submit auditions or proposals, some are not. If the buyer has an extended time frame to receive auditions or proposals for the project, Voice123's SmartCast will wait for the best matching voice talents or voice producers to audition first. If the project has a tight schedule, Voice123's SmartCast will invite more voice talents or voice producers at a faster pace to meet the deadline.
  • Buyer's Preferred Voices. Voice123 knows specific qualities that each buyer likes about individual voice talents and producers thanks to the Preferred Voices feature. Voice123's SmartCast gives priority to said talents or voice producers as well as talents or voice producers similar to them.
  • Voice talent or voice producer ranking history. Buyers rank the auditions and proposals received via Voice123. Voice123 then applies statistical analysis and utilizes several techniques to avoid abuse of the system. Voice123's SmartCast prefers talents and voice producers with above-average rankings. If you are a talent or voice producer and would like to learn more about the ranking system, click here.
  • Auditioning history. With the objective of having a fair marketplace, and after taking all the previous factors into account, Voice123's SmartCast will try to invite talents and voice producers that have submitted fewer auditions and/or proposals when compared to other talents and voice producers listed in Voice123. 
  • Other proprietary factors. Through additional algorithms and human quality control, we include other factors that help buyers get the best voice talents or voice producers for each project. We also ensure that the voice talents and voice producers are matched with the best projects for their skills.

After Voice123's SmartCast has found the best talents or voice producers for the project, it invites them to audition and/or quote systematically, until the desired amount of auditions has been reached. As a consequence, it is plausible that some voice talents get invited to audition by Voice123's SmartCast, but do not make the cut on time.

Our team is constantly monitoring the SmartCast algorithms. We make sure we are delivering our best quality of service to you by constantly surveying buyers, talents, and voice producers. We correlate changes in the SmartCast algorithms with changes in the satisfaction level of our users so that we know what tweaks have increased or decreased the effectiveness of Voice123's SmartCast.


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