The Difference between SmartCast Enabled & Disabled

When you post a project on Voice123, you have two options for sending invitations: SmartCast enabled and SmartCast disabled.



SmartCast is a system that automatically matches your project's requirements to the voice actors that best meet those requirements. It is a very quick and efficient way to start getting auditions, usually within an hour. Auditions invites will be sent to hundreds of professional voice actors, who match your needs. To select this, simply choose the SmartCast Enabled option on the left side of the screen, as seen in the picture above.


For this option, you would fill out the project form just as you would with any other project. After submitting, you would then manually search our voice database and individually invite talents to audition. You can also invite talents whom you have saved as "preferred." This can take longer, but it does give you greater control over who auditions for your project.

If you ever have any questions about how to post a project, please contact one of our Community Advocates to help you by clicking here.  Or, post a project, and see for yourself!

What if you already submitted a SmartCast DISABLED project and now want to use SmartCast ENABLED instead?

This is very easy to do! Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on My Projects & Auditions

2. Click on Details & Options

3. Find the option that says "Disabled (click here to enable)"

4. Click the link to enable. A request will be sent to our Customer Success team. We will respond usually within 15 minutes.

We handle the rest for you! Thank you for using Voice123!

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