I Posted a Project. Why Am I Not Receiving Auditions?

After you complete the project form within your account, it gets sent to our Client Services team for final approval. We usually approve projects within 15 minutes. We know you have a busy schedule so we work hard to make the casting process as simple as possible for you! However, there are a few things that can delay us from approving your project for casting. We will always email you when this happens, so please keep an eye on your email and open any messages you get from us ASAP.


Below are a few things that may cause us to reach out to you before approving your project:

  • Our team does not have enough information on file for you. When filling in your account details, please let us know your full company name, and preferably use a company domain for email. Gmail, hotmail and other generic emails will cause us to double verify your account. Please also give us a valid phone number, as well as your company's website, for reference. Once we verify your information, we will gladly approve your project.
  • Total recording length is missing. Always include the total recording length of your project. Is it a 30 second commercial? Is it a 2 hour narration? This allows voice actors to fully understand the amount of work they are quoting for and/or agreeing to.
  • You did not provide information on the final usage of the audio. Where will the audio be used? Is it for broadcast? If so, will it air on TV or radio? Is it a local, regional or national spot? Please let us know how the audio will be used.
  • You are requesting multiple commercials but your budget amount does not specify whether it pays per spot or is a flat fee for all of them. If you need 6 commercials, but have a budget of $1200.00, we need to know if that $1200 is for each commercial or covers all 6 of them.
  • You said that the talent must record at a specific location, but did not tell where the studio is. If you want talent to record in a studio that is local to you, rather than using their own home studio, please specify where you are located so we can invite the correct talent to audition for you.

There are also times when you may have provided correct information, but your project is not receiving as many auditions as you would like. This usually does not happen, but when it does, there are a few reasons why it may occur:

  • Your budget is too low. Projects that have budgets that are not within today's standards for the industry are likely to receive a small amount of auditions. If you need help determining a better budget amount to attract more talent, please contact our Client Services team by clicking here.
  • You do not routinely open all of the auditions you request/receive. We understand that your schedule may be full but we do ask that you open all of the auditions you receive. If you frequently ask for many auditions but only open a small portion of them, voice actors will be reluctant to continue auditioning for you.
  • Your project is missing critical details regarding the type of delivery you are looking for. Always put some adjectives or some sort of direction for teh type of read you are looking for. If at all possible, provide a reference link that may showcase the type of voice you want for your project. The more details, the better.

If you feel that you have done all of the above, we invite you to please contact our Client Services team for assistance. We can always be reached by clicking here.

We look forward to helping you cast your next project!!




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