Required Audio Formats for Voice123



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    Dave Ryan

    I use It took me three full days to figure out how to export and change the wave format. Audacity uses and exclusive, very unique wave file. .aup

    After a while playing with my wonderful, fantastic windows 8.1 I was able to do it.
    Much time wasted and opportunities lost because of my time wasted,
    Any chance you can include .aup wave file???

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    @Dave Ryan Hi Dave. You may have figured it out by now. but just in case:

    The .aup is not the sound file, it's the project file. So it sounds like you tried to upload a project file, which V123's interface shouldn't accept.

    The solution is simple.

    When you click "Export audio", these file types appear (see screencap in link below)

    Wav is clearly a file format you can choose, along with AIFF and MP3, and a handful of others.

    Hope this helps.

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