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Our free webinars are listed here for viewing anytime on Youtube.

Intro to Voice123

Learn all the ins and outs of Voice123:

  • How to create a successful profile
  • SmartCast - What Is It? How Does It Work? Why Is It Used?
  • Getting Invited to Auditions & Spotting the “Right” Project
  • Submitting Your Audition
  • Feedback & Ranking


Demos and Audio Quality

The audio quality of your auditions and the demos you upload to your Voice123 profile are extremely crucial to getting hired by our voice seekers. 

  • Online demos vs Offline Demos
  • Home studio equipment
  • Types of audio
  • Uploading to Voice123
  • Q&A Session



Voice123 SmartCast Q&A: How it really works 

This webinar teaches the ins and outs of Voice123 patented voice matching technology, SmartCast. Get answers to frequently asked questions on how to get voice over work with Voice123 straight from our Head of Product, Lucho Molina and Client Services Ninja, Michelle Rojas. 

  • Why do we utilize SmartCast?
  • How does it benefit the voice actor?
  • How to set up your profile for the jobs you want and more!



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