How to pay the Voice Actors that you hire on Voice123

As you know, Voice123 is a marketplace that works primarily as a 'connection service' between Talents and Buyers. The casting process is totally free to use.  The only cost involved is what you as a Buyer, pay to the Talent.

After the auditioning process, Voice123's system can be used as a communication tool with the Talents, but all payment details are worked out between the Buyers and Talents directly.  It is up to the Talent and the Buyer to negotiate the actual rate, possible buyouts, and residuals.

Talents commonly get their final payment in a check or through Paypal. They have the option to add a PayPal button to their profile so Buyers can have an easy way to make payments. Some talents require payment up front, others may allow 30 days before receiving payment.

Our suggestion is to pay 30% - 50% when starting the negotiation with the Talent, and the other 70% - 50% when the final file has been delivered.

Auditions and demos may never be used or broadcast in any way, unless payment or specific payment arrangements have been made with the Talent. Any audio you download is property, unless otherwise specified, of the Talent and it is protected by international copyright laws.

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