Does the ranking system affect my statistics?

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding our ranking system:

  • The audition ranking score calculations DOES take into account that some buyers may be rough when ranking auditions or proposals.
  • The audition ranking score is recalculated every seven days, as new rating come in.
  • Your audition ranking score is not visible to anyone, but you.

With this in mind, the ranking score you get on a particular job does not affect your overall statistics. Don't take low star ratings personally. These do not affect the number of projects that you are going to be invited to audition for. Being rated with 1 star simply means you are not likely to be hired for a particular project. While this ranking may not be great to get, it doesn't necessarily mean you did horrible; It just means that you are not a good fit for what the client has in mind.

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