How to get started as a Voice Actor on Voice123?

Every talent starts out with a Standard Subscription. This subscription is completely free and a great way to get acquainted with our website and the online industry.

The greatest benefit of the Standard Membership is that you can submit auditions when buyers invite you to participate directly. You will not receive nearly as many invitations to audition as Premium Subscribers but your profile still gets indexed by major search engines like Google and Bing, so buyers may find your profile there as well as in the Voice123 Search feature.

You can upgrade, and become a Premium member by logging in and clicking on "My Subscription" tab. The cost is $395.00 per year. Voice123 Premium members are automatically invited to audition for projects that match their profile via SmartCast (What is Smart Cast?).  If you are ready to take your voice over career to the next level and audition for clients all over the world, you will need a Premium membership.

 We strongly suggest that you have a home studio to audition. Most buyers will expect you to record professional, high quality audio from your home studio. In some cases, buyers might request local talents to record in their studio, but this rarely happens in today's world of online casting. Buyers will take into account the audio quality as well as your voice when listening to your auditions so give yourself every advantage.



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