Anatomy of a Voiceover Scam


Voice123 values the safety and privacy of our users. As such, we remind our user that we’re an open marketplace and it’s their responsibility to ensure that the connections they make through our site are real and mutually beneficial. You must vet all your clients, outside of what you see on their profile pages or the messages you receive from them.

A typical scam will start with a message asking for an audition or demo:


I am [Name] I am searching for a voice over artist for a two days (paid) commercial advert project. If interested contact [name] for more information about the project Regards

Then they’ll get in touch and tell you that you cannot see the script, that they’ll issue you a check with half your pay and a remaining portion that you have to send to someone else and they’ll ask you for your personal information:

Hi [Name of the Talent],

I received your email indicating your interest. I would not be able to send you the script because my client has copyrighted it and confidential is of utmost importance. Therefore the script shall be release a day before the project. I hope you understand?

As part of my working policy and ethics, I receive part payment from any client before I proceed with any job and balance you immediately after the job, this is to identify a serious client and ascertain the job. So I will get in touch with our client and part payment will be mailed to you, until you receive and confirm payment before the recording will hold. Your total pay for the job is going to be $900 as discussed. Part payment of $400 will be mailed to you first and you get the balance of $500 on the final day of the recording. I hope you understand?

Do Send me your payment details for issuing a check as to which our client is to mail out your part payment to you in the details below:

Full name:

Complete Mailing address (No P.O Box):

Phone numbers (Cell and Home):

After you confirm the part payment which should serve as transportation and mobilization.

Get in touch with your required details as soon as you can. The date of the Recording shall be communicated to you once I get all the details. Concerning the date of the recording, you have the opportunity to choose the two most convenient days for the recording between 9th and 12th of Sept and do indicate it in your next reply.

Regards, [Name].


They’ll reconfirm and congratulate you on the new job. They’ll send you a studio location where you will supposedly record:

Hi [Name of the Talent],

I will like to say congratulations to you on your new job. I want to assure you that everything would work out fine as planned. Kindly get back to me to reconfirm your interest in the job.

Venue:  Mammoth Ave

Date: 9th and 12th Sept

Time: 1pm- 2pm

As said in my previous email, your initial payment would be made out to you. Payment will be sent out and awaiting confirmation of this from my client. Once you receive the payment, you are expected to cash and deposit it into your bank account. After which, you deduct your initial payment of $400 to guarantee your participation in this project, and then send the remaining balance to the consultant engineer who will take care of all technical aspect of the job and studio rental with other planning. Your remaining balance of $500 will be given to you on the final day of the recording. I hope this is clear?

As soon as i receive a confirmation from you, i would let you know when to receive the payment. I look forward to your email. Also do reconfirm the information below:

Full name for payment:


Phone number and best time to be reached:

Regards, [Name].


The check is false. You’ll cash it and send the money to someone else, but within days your bank will contact you that the check bounced. Further, if you call the studio, they’ll have no record of a booking for you.

Please be careful when you’re dealing with people you don’t know online. It goes for anything online, not just our site.

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